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Find Homeless People
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 by Linda A.

Hello, it's Linda A. saying thank you to Find Homeless People for helping me and my service animals find housing quickly. I got evicted so me and my two service animals would have been homeless without your help. I tried looking for resources available to help with housing but had been unsuccessful. Thank you so much.

 by Gary Baron

Hi, this Deacon Gary from Saint Irenaeus Catholic Church. You have been wonderful to work with. Quick, responsive and you have helped deliver more than 10 truck loads of new and used, but washed and folded clothing to those in need. I really, really appreciate your help. You are a bright light in our community and your help is always needed and appreciated. Good Bless you! 

 by Sean B.

This is Sean B. from Community Action Partnership, Orange County. Thanks to FindHomelessPeople.org, the OC food bank has made a greater impact than ever and actually scaled up its community service efforts since the start of the global pandemic thanks in large part to your transportation services. With our local communities experiencing unprecedented financial hardship, sustainable solutions to hunger have been the most important issue next to homelessness. Last year your staff and volunteers proved helpful on both fronts by helping to distribute our food and providing housing vouchers for families in the surrounding areas. We cannot thank you enough. Best of luck in 2023.

 by Andrew T.

This is Andrew T. saying thanks from all of us at The Shower of Hope. Our partnership in 2022 was incredibly worthwhile as we saw a sharp increase in the number of showers per day provided to homeless and at-risk individuals all around Los Angeles County including the surrounding areas of Pasadena, Rosemead, Downey, and Riverside. Thank you so much for extending our reach in these areas. 

 by Tasha B.

Thank you from Tasha B. of Praise Unlimited Homeless Services. We have been able to place 60% more individuals into appropriate housing year over year, getting them off the streets, feeding them daily, gaining access to daily showers and medical services typically offered only to people with health insurance. The difference between our impact in 2021 and 2022 has been night and day. Thanks again to the volunteers and staff from FindHomelessPeople.org. 

 by Sam P.

This is Samuel P from CNHF. Working together in 2022 has already helped us treat hundreds of new people in Los Angeles County, many of which have no health insurance and otherwise can’t access these treatments at all. Our mobile health clinic partnered with Find Homeless People, Inc. several times in the past year and our events continue to run smoothly. Looking forward to more outreach efforts in 2023. Events have gone so well that we’d love you to participate in all of our events in one way or another. Your volunteers went door to door to spread the word in person and on posted to social media and produced fliers that were really effective.

 by Helen K.

Hi it’s Helen K. from Homeless Intervention Services of OC. We want to thank you for free access to your database of homeless and at-risk people living in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our very difficult task is to thoroughly screen impacted individuals for placement into appropriate housing shelters or other units. We are able to find new qualified individuals and families quickly, then provide them shelter immediately thanks to your services. Keep up the great work in 2023! I really appreciate you going to the Santa Ana River Trail and helping reach people they could not reach.

 by Jason

This is Pastor Jason from La Habra Christian Church. Great thanks from all of us that attended your events last year! You also made all the difference in feeding our congregation plus more than 25 families that attended our annual concert. Without the more than 30 pounds of chicken you brought and prepared we would not have had enough for everyone. We are forever grateful. Thanks again. 

 by Brad S.

Hi, this is Brad S. from Team HOPE and we all want to say thanks to FindHomelessPeople.org for helping the missing and at-risk children in Los Angeles County and Orange County. We have many partner organizations, but your services do the most to keep children off the streets by fighting for their access to housing through vouchers. As eviction rates increase more than ever post-COVID, more children have been at-risk of homelessness than ever before. Thank you for all you do to keep the children safe, fed, and clothed.

 by Emily G.

Hello, this is Emily G. Everyone at Mary’s Kitchen is grateful to Find Homeless People for helping us achieve record-breaking food donations and deliveries in 2022. Your volunteers helped us by transporting more than 10,000 pounds of fresh and shelf stable foods and water to both homeless and at-risk families in Orange County in 2022. Thanks to your help, we continue to be able to provide two meals per day to anyone in need near our Orange, CA location (including a hot breakfast and lunch) and hygiene kits. Thank you as well for referring all homeless and at-risk locals near the City of Orange to our free shower services. 

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