We have fed, and provided essential daily supplies to
25,000+ people experiencing homelessness and counting.

Community Outreach

We Travel Directly to Locations with the Most Homeless and At-Risk People Who Are Not Able to Travel to Other Services

October 1, 2022


Each week, Find Homeless People, Inc. and CNHF’s mobile clinic sets up in various locations throughout Los Angeles County to provide a free healthy lunch and medical services to those in need who don’t have the ability to visit any of CNHF’s network of Medicare-certified federally qualified health centers serving Los Angeles County and Orange County.

September 26, 2022


Find Homeless People, Inc., provides Emergency Housing Vouchers for Homeless and At-Risk individuals and families in Los Angeles County, CA.
FindHomelessPeople.org is now a participant in the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) to help allocate interim housing vouchers to those in need who qualify for the program.

October 31, 2021


This Sunday morning of Halloween our volunteers gathered to organize and share essential goods with homeless people throughout Los Angeles. We celebrated by taking food, water, blankets, and more directly to the people that need it most. 15 boxes of soap, roughly 47 pounds of high-quality clothing and blankets, and more were distributed.


November 16, 2021



Clothing donations including socks, blankets, masks and other personal protective products like hand sanitzers and soaps were distributed in Orange County and Los Angeles County to groups and individuals we found in Santa Ana, Buena Park, Norwalk, and Whittier before we visited Los Angeles in the afternoon.

December 4, 2021

Our volunteers delivered 37 packages of essential goods to 157 homeless people living in Los Angeles’s most impacted areas (freeway encampments beneath the 405 and 10 freeways, isolated nooks and crannies of Skid Row, and more). 

Water and Sanitizer

January 2, 2022


2022 began with our most successful giveaway to date. 13 volunteers from Find Homeless People
met to distribute an entire pallet of food and supplies to the homeless people of an isolated portion of Skid Row Los Angeles. 

That day we assisted more than 200 people, providing food and hygiene supplies including soap,
sanitizing solutions, and more. The team logged more than 100 hours of combined service in Los Angeles to start the New Year with many more of these outings to come.

January 11, 2022

During their visit to Skid Row, our volunteers noticed a long row of tents packed tightly together along the sidewalks just outside the Los Angeles Veterans Association. 

These are primarily homeless veterans that cannot receive traditional government support, but they deserve our help for their service. Our volunteers were aided by Mary’s Kitchen in Orange, CA which provided bottled water for the veterans.

January 18, 2022

Los Angeles and Orange County’s youth make up a great portion of at-risk individuals that often go unmentioned while under-served. 

We have provided 20 boxes of packaged foods and 10 boxes of pencils, pens, and other office supplies to the City of Tustin, CA Youth Center to help schedule more educational activities with improved snack options.

February 6, 2022

Volunteers returned to Skid Row, before visiting Venice Beach and other freeway encampments to pass out more sack lunches, hygiene kits, socks, blankets, and other supplies. 

30 additional boxes of soap were provided by Save the Children for these outings.

We are here to help.

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