We have fed, and provided essential daily supplies to
25,000+ people experiencing homelessness and counting.

Find Homeless People has been feeding, clothing, housing, and healing homeless and at-risk families in LA and Orange County California since 2020.

100% of your donation provides food, brand new blankets and clothing, hygiene kits, housing vouchers, access to mobile medical clinic services, and other necessities as we fight against homelessness.

Every $25 donation provides enough gas to send our volunteer squad plus hundreds of pounds in food and essential goods directly to homeless encampments in Los Angeles or Orange County, California.

Every $50 donation creates 5 high-quality care packages including food, water, a hygiene kit including hand sanitizers, dental, and feminine care products, and more. Care packages are delivered directly to homeless and at-risk people living in Los Angeles County and Orange County, California.

Every $100 donation sends a $25 tip to thank our volunteer squad on top of lower-tier benefits ($25 toward gas for our giveaways at homeless encampments and $50 to create 5 care packages given away on site at highly impacted areas like Skid Row).

Search By Name for a Missing Family Member or Friend

We Provide Totally-Free Resources Built To:

Reconnect Families and Friends Searching for Loved Ones Who Are Homeless or At-Risk
Help Stop the Spread of Homelessness With Our Unique Database and Resources

We hope that people who have used our website successfully will pass our resources along as a message of hope to those looking for their homeless or at-risk family members or friends. 

Our California-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization specializes in reconnecting homeless and at-risk people with their loved ones, and distributing vouchers for access to appropriate housing. Other ways that we consistently support local homeless and at-risk families are by:

  • Mentoring those that need guidance to achieve a fresh start

  • Delivering healthy foods

  • Providing brand new clothes and blankets

  • Distributing hygiene kits including sanitizers, dental care, and feminine care products

  • Organizing access to mobile health clinics like the Central Neighborhood Health Foundation’s for anyone that does not have health insurance

  • Sharing housing vouchers with homeless and at-risk individuals and families

Through these services and more we are reducing crime and recidivity (repeat offenses) in Los Angeles County and Orange County, California.

Find and Support Your Homeless Loved Ones

We’re helping the families and friends of homeless people reunite with their loved ones by maintaining profiles for them in our unique database. 

Help End Your Friend or Relative's Struggle

The care and support of family and friends must matter most when fighting to regain your footing in society. Rebuild family connections today. Search now.

Become A Part Of Our Solution Today

Our dedicated volunteers gain workplace experience serving their local communities while making priceless memories. Become a volunteer and support this cause.

The Top 10 Causes of Homelessness In California

Any person living in a temporary location,
such as a shelter or a place that is
not fit for human habitation
is considered

According to the University of California, San Francisco, the top reasons that people become homeless are:

31% Job Loss • 20% Drugs or Alcohol Use • 15% Divorce or Separation, • 13% an Argument with a Family Member Who Asked Them to Leave • 7% Domestic Violence • 10% Eviction • 7% Mental Health • 7% Physical Health or Medical Condition • 12% Incarceration • 1% Housing Restrictions Due to Probation or Parole

These figures include individuals living in encampments, cars, abandoned buildings, etc.

How We Are Reconnecting Families and Friends With The Homeless

In-Person Interaction on the Streets

We distribute hygiene kits, sack lunches, and blankets at shelters, encampments, and more before caringly conducting our interviews. Our dedicated volunteers collect information on Los Angeles County’s homeless and at-risk population to help reunite them with family. 

Click here to learn more about what we do.

Search Our Unique, Free Database

Access to our unique database to find homeless person or find homeless people is free to the public. Start your search today and uncover details including recent photographs, information about their mental and physical health status, where they were seen last, and information about any non-profit or government resources they might be receiving.

 Utilize Our Up-to-Date List of Resources

We have compiled a very detailed list of free and paid resources that can help you locate your missing family member or friend. Our network of private investigators has approved this resources list and suggests starting with it to streamline your search from the start.

Click here to view our complete list of resources.

Live Updates from Our Resources

As our volunteers are out visiting shelters and encampments, we are gathering the most important information needed to locate your homeless family members and friends. We encourage you to bookmark this page and check the website on a regular basis because we are constantly canvassing, adding new homeless and at-risk contacts to our unique database. 

Consider The Perspective of a Homeless or At-Risk Person

The Most Common Homeless or At-Risk Story That We Hear Is Below

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We are here to help.

Contact us if you need help locating your missing family member or friend. Please tell us what you need, and we will contact you as soon as possible.