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Take Action for TANF recipients

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

HB4423 would support families living in extreme poverty by increasing the cash assistance families receive each month. This increase would ensure families are able to meet their basic needs including paying rent, purchasing clothing, hygiene products, and maintaining transportation. This legislation would also ensure that when a noncustodial parent pays child support that the money goes directly to the family. Currently, the state and federal government are given a portion of the child support payment.

Please file a witness slip on behalf of your organization or yourself to indicate your support for an increase in the TANF Cash Grant amount and ensure that child support payments go directly to the child.

How to fill out the online witness slip: 

Go to this link. If you can file a slip on behalf of your organization, include your organization name under “Representation;” if you don’t fill out this part, the slip will be interpreted as an on behalf of an individual; if you are filing as an individual, just put “Self” under “Representation.”Select “Position” as “Proponent.”Under “Testimony” select “Record of Appearance Only.”Agree to the “Terms of Agreement” and click on the “Create(Slip)” button.

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