We have fed, and provided essential daily supplies to
25,000+ people experiencing homelessness and counting.

San Marino Homeless Search – Free Resources for At-Risk People​

Browse Our List of Free Resources and Search Our Unique Database for More Information on San Marino's Homeless Population

For more than three decades we worked as California-licensed private investigators serving attorneys, law firms, private businesses and individuals, insurance companies, and government agencies.

Now we are helping families and friends find their homeless relatives or friends faster and with less expense.

Our unique database and comprehensive list of resources will increase the chances of successfully locating and reuniting any homeless man, woman, child, or family with their loved ones.

All of a sudden, homelessness is happening to families in San Marino that recently considered themselves middle-class or the working poor.

This is why FindHomelessPeople.org offers the best free resource guide for homeless and at-risk individuals in San Marino. Our resource guide benefits the homeless and at-risk people searching for local assistance and anyone trying to find a missing family member.

Here on our website, you’ll find a unique database with up-to-date details on the homeless people we’ve encountered on-site at encampments, shelters, and more. Search for someone you love by name and you’ll find their details if we’ve ever encountered them.

Helping Homeless and At-Risk Men, Women, and Children In-Person in San Marino

We visit locations all around San Marino to improve living conditions for the homeless and help them get found by family and friends. Our generous sponsors provide goods that volunteers distribute on-site including hygiene kits, sack lunches, and blankets before collecting the information needed to build profiles for our unique database.

Our database displays up-to-date information on San Marino’s homeless population including:

  • Name and ID Information

  • Recent Photographs

  • An Assessment of Their Mental and Physical Health Status

  • Locations We Found Them, Including the Date and Time

  • And Details Regarding Any Resources or Support They Are Receiving, and Who It Is Coming From

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