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Found – Angel Walkington

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Long Beach, CA January 22, 2023: Find Homeless People Inc., a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, reunited another missing homeless woman with her family. This long-awaited reconnection was made possible by FindHomelessPeople.org’s weekly outreach missions in Los Angeles County and Orange County California.

In January of 2023, FindHomelessPeople.org reconnected Angel Walkington, last seen in Long Beach, CA, with her family. The family reached out to FindHomelessPeople.org for help in locating their missing family member. FindHomelessPeople.org volunteers created and distributed flyers and rigorously beat the streets for get information about the woman’s whereabouts and activities. After an exhaustive searchand an expansive flyer distribution, someone saw the flyer, knew the whereabouts of Angel Walkington, and contacted FindHomelessPeople.org. Angel was reunited with her family.

“Our team of highly experienced private investigators have handled hundreds of missing persons assignments as we’ve watchedthe Greater Los Angeles homeless population multiply several times” said Homeless Outreach Organizer, Cesar Hernandez, who leads FindHomelessPeople.org’s volunteer squads. They go into areas that are highly impacted by homelessness to supply homeless people with goods that they cannot access otherwise due to immobility or lack of transportation.

For more information or to keep up-to-date, follow the FindHomelessPeople.org volunteer squad on Twitter @FindTheHomeless or by visiting FindHomelessPeople.org. If you would like to get involved, anyone 18 years or older with reliable transportation is encouraged to apply and join the FindHomelessPeople.org volunteer groups on-site in Los Angeles County or Orange County, California.

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