We have fed, and provided essential daily supplies to
25,000+ people experiencing homelessness and counting.


Find Homeless People, Inc., Donates Food to the 1st Baptist Church of San Bernardino to assist San Bernardino low income families.

Continuing its mission to provide food for those in need.

January 9, 2023 – San Bernardino County, CA – FindHomelessPeople Inc donated 2 pallets of apples, chilies, and bananas to the 1st Baptist Church of San Bernardino to assist low income families in San Bernardino, CA. FindHomelessPeople.org volunteers quickly meet the needs of low income families throughout San Bernardino County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County CA by seeking and distributing donations of food and other essential needs.

“Without proper nourishment and a healthy diet that includes fresh fruit people are prone to illnesses. We responded quickly to make sure homeless and at-risk individuals, get fresh fruit and other food” said Cesar Hernandez, head of FindHomelessPeople.org’s community outreach program. “We went to the 1st Baptist Church of San Bernardino and donated 2 pallets of apples, chilies, and bananas to help them assist low income families of San Bernardino, CA ” he continued.

As part of FindHomelessPeople.org’s community outreach program, volunteers seek and collect donations of food, clothing, hygiene products, and other daily needs from members of the community who share in FindHomelessPeople.org’s daily mission to house the unhoused support those who have the greatest need.

All donations are gathered and distributed to Southern California homeless and at-risk individuals in area parks and other places where homeless and those in need can be found. Anyone who wishes to donated food, clothing, and other daily needs are encouraged to contact FindHomelessPeople.org immediately. Be in service and give to your community where it is needed most.

Our mission is to house the unhoused. Please contact us today if you share our mission and wish to support those who need it most.

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